Division director: Ernő Kovács, engineer in economics
Staff together with external professionals partners 33
Number of contracts closed and under completion in 2017: 14


Establishment of new Traffic control Center for GYSEV with the installation of required override controls of the interlocking equipment
As a result of the project, all the 44 railway stations and several railway stops of the 420 km-long railway line network operated by GYSEV in Hungary were integrated into a uniform operation supervision system. Along with the Centralised Traffic Supervision Centre in Sopron, two other Traffic Control Centres were created in Szombathely and Csorna as well. The uniform traffic control system can help to increase the transit capacity of railway lines, improve running on schedule while operation will be more economic. In addition to uniform traffic control, the project also involved the integration of remote control and remote supervision of overhead line power into one centre.

Project cost: 6.9 billion HUF.

Our assignment: complete project management and independent construction supervisor tasks (in consortium with V-H-U Ltd and KÖMI Ltd)

Creation of interconnected tram network and the reconstruction of Széll Kálmán square transport hub.
The aim of the interconnected tram network transport development was the creation of North-South transit lines on the Buda side of Budapest with the construction of missing track sections of the tram network, split in two parts in 1972. With the extension of tram line 41 to Bécsi street, it became the longest tram line in Budapest with a 18.4 km-long route.

Project cost: 18.1 billion HUF

Our assignment: project management, construction supervision (in a Consortium with KÖMI Ltd - Főber Ltd - Oviber Ltd)