ECO-TEC was founded in 2007 by Márton Elekes († 2010) gr. traffic engineer, after the end of his international career, anticipating the forthcoming market demands in Hungary. The aim of the Company’s foundation and its principal field of activity were the provision of engineering expertise related to infrastructural projects, in particular, engineering consulting, public procurement assistance, project preparation and management, technical design, supervision and advisory services. ECO-TEC contracted its first large project in 2009 with BKV, the Budapest Metropolitan Transport Plc. The historical Margaret Bridge in Budapest blown up during and reconstructed after World War II, underwent only partial renovations in the last decades. ECO-TEC and Dr. Ráday Engineering Office were commissioned in consortium for the technical supervision of the complete renewal and refurbishment works of the Bridge ( 2009-2011) managed by BKV.

The ownership of the Company changed in 2012 together with the management, but the aims laid down at the time of foundation remained unchanged. The new management and the reshaped Company structure made it possible to react in a fast and flexible way to the extended needs of the market generated by the ambitious infrastructure development programs launched in Hungary.

In 2013 we created a Road Division as a new field of activity within our services. The professionals of this new organisational unit joined the Company with proven track record gained on large projects over the previous years of their career. The Railway Division, an important knowledge centre since the early years, was split in two independent units with the creation of TEF (Track and Engineering Facilities) and THCI (Telecommunication, Heavy Current, Interlocking) Divisions, the last one offering services for Urban Transport projects as well. Two Building and Construction Divisions were also established at the beginning of year 2014. As a result of these expansions, by 2014 the number of our full time employees reached 50, and at the end of the year even exceeded this figure. To serve and support the increased volume of daily work, we installed a modern, state-of-the-art IT system, carried out important software upgrades and introduced strict data protection measures. In February 2014, we moved the Company to a modern, centrally located office building in Budapest, being large enough to satisfy all our needs for the coming years.

Beside the central Budapest office, we operated in 2017, six project offices in various parts of the Country.




Backed up by the strength of all the experiences gained in the past 10 years and making best use of our references in an even broader area of expertise, we are continuously preparing ourselves for the challenges of the next 10 years. We search new opportunities that test conventions, which widen the limits of engineering science, we aim to play leading role in the application of environmental consciousness and sustainability applications in engineering. We wish to harness the knowledge and resources concentrated in our Company to serve building the future.